SiOCAST injection molding into silicone rubber mold

building your in-house plastic factory never was so simple

SiOCAST offers a unique in-house solution for injection molding technology in silicone rubber molds, bridging the gap between 3D printing and traditional industrial injection.

As a spin-off of CONIEX Group, SiOCAST draws on over 35 years of experience in industrial manufacturing, specifically in silicone rubber compounding and manufacturing for high-temperature applications.

streamlined production

from the 3D file
to a ready-to-inject mold
in less than 2 days

unleash the power of SiOCAST

revolutionizing in-house thermoplastic production with unparalleled control and on-demand capabilities

say goodbye to the headaches of outsourcing and experience the benefits of in-house manufacturing with SiOCAST

With SiOCAST, you can build an in-house thermoplastic factory, eliminating the need for outsourcing and reducing transportation costs and emissions. Our injection molding technology into silicone rubber molds provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional manufacturing. With the ability to produce parts on-demand and in-house, you can have better control over your production and streamline your supply chain.

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SiOCAST ecosystem
discover SiOCAST's comprehensive product ecosystem for injection molding.

At SiOCAST, we offer a full injection ecosystem with a focus on three product pillars: mold making in silicone rubber plus accessories, machinery for injection and press for mold making, and thermoplastic resins. Our products are designed to help you maximize your mold-making skills, optimize your manufacturing and production, and ultimately, increase your revenue.

SiOCAST applications

 We cater to a diverse range of industries, including toy makers, miniature manufacturers, tabletop game manufacturers, model landscapes, over-molding, tech parts, engineering, fashion accessories, jewelry, miniature sculptures, role-playing game manufacturers, anime and manga figure manufacturers, and action figure manufacturers.

for technical and engineering parts

SiOCAST for technical parts and engineering

A Technology that enables low and mid-volume production of functional end-parts. With low carbon impact & less than two weeks lead time.

Case Study Flight Simulator manufacturingSiOCAST tech part flight simulator
for food-contact and chocolate rigid mold

SiOCAST for Chocolate rigid mold

SiOCAST's chocolate mold application is all about efficiency. With fast cycle times and a streamlined workflow, we ensure that your chocolate production process keeps pace with your demands. Whether you're operating a small artisanal chocolate shop or a large-scale factory, SiOCAST's technology adapts seamlessly to your needs.

Chocolate rigid mold examplesChocolate rigid mold examples
for investment casting

SiOCAST for investment casting

Replace WAX with LOST SiOCAST injection molded plastic to unlock unmatched speed and industrialization in Investment casting workflows.

Panet de Flor SiOCAST – 01- Web horizontal small – 680×509SiOres-CAST56-Investment-Casting-01
for war games miniatures and table top games

SiOCAST for wargames and tabletop miniatures

SiOCAST has established itself as the industry standard for miniature manufacturing, providing a cost-effective solution for in-house manufacturing and on-demand production with minimal tooling costs.

Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo modelsMiniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo models painted
for product design

a great solution for product design manufacturing

SiOCAST offers an ideal solution for products that require manufacturing production, but don't require large quantities and need a cost-effective approach.

Case Study Keycap manufacturingSilicone mold for Keycaps manufacturing | SiOCAST Injection Molding in Silicone Rubber Mold
for action figure & toys

SiOCAST for action figure & toys manufacturing

SiOCAST offers a flexible and customizable mold system, making it an ideal solution for action figure and toy makers. Our technology allows for medium production of limited editions, providing manufacturers with a cost-effective option for their unique products.

Case Study Action Figure manufacturingSiOCAST-for-manufacturing-action-figures_withmold

more applications

at SiOCAST there are tons of applications

get inspired by what you can do with SiOCAST technology and check out our blog to discover more cases studies and new applications examples

build your in-house factory

Take control of your plastic manufacturing process in-house. Contact us now to learn more and get started.