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Indulge your creativity and bring your chocolate creations to life with our Rigid Chocolate Mold

We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, spanning from emerging artisanal chocolate ventures, to established industrial giants demanding the utmost consistency and precision delivered by our top-tier sustainable thermoplastic injection molding process.

Create your semi-custom Chocolate Rigid Mold is Simply:

  1. Choose from three convenient sizes: Small (60x35mm), Medium (110x60mm), or Big (185x65mm), depending on your desired chocolate creations.
  2. Select your quantity, and send us an order quote. 
  3. You provide us with artwork, a 2D logo, an engraving design in a vector art form, or a 3D design in .stl file format. Don't have a design yet? No problem! Our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way.
  4. Upon approval of the basic blank prototype and the 3D image rendering with your design or logo, we will manufacture the silicone injection mold.*
  5. We produce your custom thermoplastic injection molds and ship them directly to you! You can now enjoy your.
  6. Approximate price which includes the following:

    • Master Design
    • 3D printing of the masters
    • Tooling and mold making
    • Vulcanizing mold
    • 10 to 100 bar molds
    • Not including shipping
    • Not including VAT

    *Once we receive your design and payment, our production process begins. Using high-quality thermoplastic materials, we manufacture your custom Chocolate Rigid Mold to exact specifications. With our efficient production process, you'll have your molds ready in no time.

  • Customize Chocolate Rigid Mold (Big 185x65mm)

    (not including VAT & shipping)

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  • Customize Chocolate Rigid Mold (Medium 110x60mm)

    (not including VAT & shipping)

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  • Customize Chocolate Rigid Mold (Small 60x35mm)

    (not including VAT & shipping)

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Create your fully-custom Chocolate Rigid Mold:

This option allows you to dictate the exact length, width, thickness, weight, and number of sections of your bar, along with engravings or logos applied to it. This also applies to organic shapes other than bars/tablets. You provide us with the following:

  • Length x Width of your bar
  • Desired weight or volume of your bar/shape
  • Desired thickness - will be calculated

How we do it in 4-step: From concept to chocolate mold in few days






inject & coat


cast chocolate

Experience the Advantages of Rigid Chocolate Molds

Efficiency: Rigid chocolate molds offer unparalleled efficiency compared to thermoformed and silicone molds. They enable faster and more consistent chocolate demolding, saving you valuable time during the production process.

Durability: Unlike thermoformed molds that can warp or deform over time, and silicone molds that may wear out with frequent use, rigid chocolate molds are built to last. Made from high-quality thermoplastic materials, they maintain their shape and integrity even after multiple uses, ensuring reliable performance batch after batch.

Precision: Rigid molds ensure that every detail is captured flawlessly, enhancing the visual appeal of your creations.

Versatility: Rigid chocolate molds offer unmatched versatility, accommodating a wide range of chocolate types and formulations. From dark and milk chocolate to white and colored chocolates, rigid molds can handle them all, allowing you to unleash your creativity and explore new flavor combinations with ease.

Consistency: With rigid molds, you can achieve consistent results batch after batch, ensuring uniformity in size, shape, and texture across all your chocolate creations. This consistency is essential for maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction, making rigid molds the preferred choice for professional chocolatiers and confectioners.

perfect for the chocolate and cake shop industry

Our system is tailored to meet the unique needs of these sweet indulgence providers. The SiOCAST ecosystem, which includes our cutting-edge mold-making system, our compact SiOform1 injection machine, and our specially formulated SiOres material, ensures top-quality results. The SiOres D56 material, enhanced with our food-contact coating, is perfectly suited for chocolate molding, guaranteeing the safety and taste of your chocolates.

New food-contact coating for SiOres, with the following specs Certified and suitable for direct and indirect contact with food, according to European Regulation EU 10/2011 and American FDA 21 CFR 175.300. Food-grade varnish with a satin-gloss finish, free of; Bisphenol A (BPA free), APEO, formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, etc.

Cost-Effective Customization: No matter the scale of your chocolate production, SiOCAST's technology allows for cost-effective customization. Gone are the days of limiting yourself to standard molds. With SiOCAST, you have the freedom to create molds that match your unique designs and branding, for mid-production in record time.

Rigid Molds vs. Thermoformed and Silicone Molds: Chocolate rigid molds are a superior choice compared to thermoforming and silicone molds due to their unmatched precision, speed, and customization capabilities. Unlike thermoforming, rigid molds retain intricate details flawlessly, ensuring the creation of exquisite chocolate designs. They also outperform silicone molds in terms of production efficiency, allowing for rapid, high-volume manufacturing on semi-automatic molding lines. Additionally, the perfect choice for chocolatiers seeking both speed and precision in crafting chocolate creations.

case study:

De Tinnen Ross (DTR) in collaboration with Chocobreak and Hertog Jan - crafting chocolate masterpieces with SiOCAST.

In the world of custom chocolate manufacturing, innovation can be the sweetest ingredient. Dive into the success story of De Tinnen Roos (DTR), one of our valued casting service customers, as they partnered with and the renowned Netherlands beer company Hertog Jan to create something truly exceptional.