the standard for miniatures manufacturing

SiOCAST technology is set to shape the future of  miniature manufacturing

by supplying an agile production system, machinery, and materials to make high-quality non-toxic parts in-house at a reasonable price.
Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo modelsMiniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo models painted

painted by: @jg_miniature_painter

Minotaur Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo modelsMinotaur Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo models hand painted in color

painted by: @jg_miniature_painter

5 steps to produce your minis with SiOCAST:

  1. design it in 3D
  2. print your master in a high-quality 3D printer
  3. make the mold 
  4. make all the copies you want with the SiOform1 and SiOres 
  5. prepare your final pieces or enjoy painting immediately, without priming

what do the miniature media say about SiOCAST?

Reaper Miniatures
Reaper Miniatures and SioCast, a perfect marriage?

Goobertown Hobbies
Siocast Plastic is Replacing Resin, Metal and PVC Minis. Here's Why.

Essen mold 2021Fair_SiOCAST02

Miniatures exhibitions

We do our best to be in contact with our manufacturer's customers. But also, we love to be in contact with the end users of our technology. To solve in person your questions, and learn more about our customer's needs. 

Here you can follow where we can be as exhibitors or where our partners or customers will be attended to ask your question. 

a solution for each miniature manufacturers

miniatures manufacturing for wargames

Meaning you never have to deal with factories in China. You can keep all your production in-house and support your local economy!

Another successful case is Warlord Games, in which they were able to produce over 400,000 units of the plane for Blood Red Skies, using SiOCAST’s process in 4 different colors. Traditionally, this type of big batch production would only be feasible with injection molding, and the level of detail wouldn’t be the same.


"We start with metal, then resin, and now SiOres. And it has given us much more speed when it comes to production, it makes it easier for us to produce small quantities, and it gives us flexibility in the size of the productions depending on our products.

Our customers are very satisfied, the main change that our customers notice compared to resin is that SIOCAST pieces are much more resistant and flexible. That is why we are transferring all our production to SiOCAST."

Roberto from Scale75

miniatures manufacturing for tabletop & board games

There are a lot of companies already moving to the new solution as it’s non-toxic, the sprues can be recycled, and is cheap enough for smaller companies to get good molds that are still fast.

Compared to resin or plastic, it is less toxic, the miscasts and sprues can be reused, and when compared to resin, it doesn’t take nearly as long and doesn’t have to cool. Overall, it is lighter, can make colored models, and is cheaper than metal.

high volume tabletop parts

Check the interview with Roman from Titan Forge and discover why they decided to use SiOCAST for large miniatures manufacturing productions.

miniatures manufacturing for sculptures and paint

extreme detail for demanding hobbyists

The SiOCAST process can keep the same extreme details of the resin miniatures.
The SiOres material has a matte finish that highlights the shadows and the sculpt relief and crispiness.

Image made and miniature painted by Goobertown Hobbies
Youtube: Goobertown Hobbies Instagram: @goobertown_hobbies

why is it a great solution for miniatures painters?

SiOres is non-toxic, Toy Safe and EN-71 compliant. Start protecting the health of your workers and hobbyists by making your miniatures manufacturing with SiOCAST. Also, your product can be sold as 3+.

discover a new way to paint your minis
With SiOres there is no need on priming or clean the raw miniatures and the paint won't peel or crack when you manipulate, touch, or bend the mini. Painters love it.

reduced mold lines
Mold lines are better and sometimes invisible with SiOCAST because the hard HTV silicone molds hold their shape and structure better over time than RTV silicone.

miniature manufacturers say…

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what's next?

sample box

ask for our

sample box


(20€ international shipping costs)

You will get a box with samples of some clients cast with our system for you to test them.


ask for our

test mold


An evaluation of your parts is done to see the limitations of the design and size of your different products. The customer receives a recommendation of products to cast which are the most representative to see the detail of the system in them.



SiOCAST, in collaboration with AMERALABS, has released a special 3D printer resin designed to resist the vulcanization process. This new resin is the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable, resistant, and long-lasting 3D printing material.

This incredible 3D printer resin has been equipped with specialized features that allow it to maintain its properties during the vulcanization process, yet still remain strong and flexible. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as the production of intricate parts and complex shapes. This resin will provide the perfect resistance for the vulcanization process