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CONiEX, S.A is a company with HQ based in Barcelona with more than 3 decades in the spin casting and silicone industries as well as in the surface finishing industry of mechanical post-processing.

With branch offices around Spain, Portugal, and Mexico and exporting to more than 55 countries worldwide, it stands as a reference in its industry.

CONiEX Group supplies technology, machinery, and consumables to automotive, aeronautics, or medical sectors amongst others, and is ISO certified. With deep technical knowledge in any of the fields of operation, the company values supplying end-to-end solutions for long-term and successful business relationships.

SiOCAST has set up thousands of factories and helped start many successful businesses around a technology that still has many applications. The same values apply to SiOCAST.

Partner with us: Elevate jewelry supply offerings with SiOCAST & CONiEX

SiOCAST and CONIEX bring you several solutions for all your jewelry manufacturing needs. Whether you're a reseller, a jewelry manufacturer, or a passionate artist, our cutting-edge technology and top-quality supplies are here to elevate your craft.

The Lost SiOCAST solution

SiOmold system

SiOCAST takes pride in offering patented technology that encompasses high-quality silicone, a proprietary metallic frame dedicated to vulcanizing silicone molds, specialized tools engineered to enhance the mold-making process, and an abundance of mold-making knowledge and design strategies. Elevate your jewelry machinery supply offerings with SiOCAST.

SiOCAST machines

Unlock a new era in jewelry manufacturing with SiOCAST. Our SiOform1 injection machine empowers you with productivity and speed, injecting up to 40 cycles per hour. For heightened productivity, the SiOfuse1 boosts your capabilities to an impressive 60 cycles per hour. Ensure impeccable mold-making A4 detail and quality with the SiOpress vulcanization machine, essential for SiOmold production. SiOCAST's cutting-edge technology and high-quality supplies redefine your offerings to jewelry manufacturers, setting you apart as a trusted supplier.

SiOCAST resin

  • Flawless Precision: SiOres D56 CAST boasts a burn rate of 99.94% with minimal residue (0.06%), ensuring jewelry pieces of unparalleled quality that rival the precision of 3D printing.

  • Rapid Cooling: Unlike wax, SiOres D56 CAST cools rapidly, enabling quicker mold release and repeated injections into the same mold. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes.

  • Cost Efficiency: SiOCAST technology slashes mastering piece manufacturing costs by up to four times, making it the ultimate choice for jewelry manufacturers.

The Advantages of SiOCAST technology

case study with Lost SiOCAST

Crafting Barcelona's iconic "Panot de Flor" necklace using Lost-SiOCAST for investment casting.

In the heart of Barcelona, there lies a symbol that transcends time and culture—the "Panot de Flor." This intricate, floral-patterned tile, designed by the renowned architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch during the Modernisme era, has become an iconic representation of the city itself. Inspired by its beauty and heritage, SiOCAST embarked on a creative journey to showcase the power of investment casting in the jewelry industry.

Model design: 30 minutes
Master Printing time: 12 parts, total 13,5 hours
Mold Manufacturing time: 2 hours
Injection manufacturing: 720 parts / h

The CONiEX solutions for jewelry manufacturing


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