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What is it about?

Testing the finished quality of your miniatures being casted with SiOCAST is the last step to get you convinced about the process.

From your metal, resin or 3D printed master pieces we will make a mold and send you the amazing minis casted with our machines.

In a few days, you will receive a set of exact copies of your designs that will you be able to study with your team and send to your most loyal collaborators for feedback.

Paint them, abuse them, break them and see the glorious details you will get in your next production system. You will be forever sold.

Order now for only 350 € (shipping included).

This price will be rebated in case of equipment purchase

How does it work?

STEP 1: Send the files (Stl, photos, pdf, whatever) via a download link

Step 2: An evaluation of your parts is done by our team to see the limitations of design and size of your different products. Instructions are given if modifications have to be made, like parts splits or design modifications. If parts are too different, maybe we need to make two molds.

Step 3. The mold is made and a set of maximum 10 sprues is delivered to your door.

Two options are proposed:

  • Make a mold with different pieces of your collection to see how each one adapts to the system.
  • Make a production mold where from a single piece from 8 to 16 pieces depending on the size is molded and the idea of its actual production would be achieved.

order now for only 350 € *(shipping included). This price will be rebated in case of equipment purchase.

Register to the following Webinar where we explain the whole process with lots of details, real casting and moldmaking
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