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design your parts

Use your favourite software to model the parts that you want to create. Feel free to add as much detail that you want, it doesn’t add cost to the printing or production! Take into account to design for manufacturing, with SiOCAST you can do amazing things, like heavy undercuts. Max thickness of your parts could be 40mm!

print it

Use the best printer that you can! SLA and DLP prints give super resolution models for your masters. Any detail will be copied by the silicone molds! Select also a material that is compatible with the vulcanizing process and can hold at least 120º. Put the supports in the right areas and press PRINT. In a few hours you’ll have your masters ready!

mold it

Choose the right silicone and in less than 2 hours you will have your mold ready for the production.

Look at how is the process realised from the beginning to the final vulcanisation.

A process in which the silicone makes the difference copying all the details from your masters.

real production

Watch the SiOform 1 running a production, you can get thousands of your miniatures a day with our technology. It is 10 times faster than resin casting.

Can you imagine your production that easy and productive?

Where would SiOCAST system drive your business to?

unmolding miniatures

The combination of our thermo-plastic resin with our silicone rubber make the minis come out the mould that easy. You will get the pieces out the mould quick and keeping them in the best conditions with our system production.

miniature details

Watch out the extreme detail, fast and accurate miniatures casted with SiOCAST. Productivity of injection moulding with resin detail. Also heavy undercuts!

Whatever you build with SiOCAST it will look amazing!

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