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"The times of production outside is delaying a lot. We want to focus in the creative part of the games and then in the producing the best miniatures we can."

Case study | Boardgames


The company was born from the merger between two companies Gen X Games and AGR Priority (publishers and printing) that want to carry out the complete manufacturing service of board games to be able to offer the customers all the process from the board to the figures that come in each game.

SiOCAST offers the service of manufacturing the molds, reason why a board game company only needs the machine to manufacture as many minis as necessary at the most competitive price.

It also offers the possibility of making very different figures in different colors thus fulfilling the requirements of this company.

*Neutron's mold making with readyCAST service

Neutron's interview

"We wanted a joint venture between AGR Priority, a printer in Spain with many years of experience producing board games, and Gen X Games, that also produce board games.

We thought that there is a hole in the Spain market for delivering to the customers an appropriate manufacture figures dedicated for the board game industry. Not only for the figures miniatures customer.

Logistics is a large problem for all companies, so we need to get to Europe again to produce. Come back this technology provides us with the possibility of doing thermoplastic miniatures with a very like quality.

Sustainability is also important. For us is important to convince people that is needed to go back to Europe to produce we feel that this quality, and this kind of material is a must.

The best product and value for us is very important. The times of production  outside is delaying a lot. We want to focus in the creative part of the games and then in the producing the best miniatures we can."

"The production time, for example, for the Dungeon Universalis, was two months. That is really quick for our production. And that is very good benefit for independent companies like ours. We can reach the market very quickly."

"We made licensing games like Resident Evil, the video game, or Children of the Apocalypse. Listening has short times of deals so it's important to make everything as fast as you can because you got maybe 2 or 3 years of this licensing and you must try to get the most of it in that time.

We're provide the production, not only in our country, we're proposing this service for other companies outside Spain and in the european union.

In a year we plan to make at least five to ten different big productions for board games with miniatures."

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Neutron's interview at Essen 2021

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