extreme detail for painters' miniatures


SiOCAST technology is the perfect solution for miniature manufacturers


up to 10 times faster production

  • cost savings

  • waste reduction


    We are pleased to invite you to the WORLD MODEL EXPO 2022 on July 1, 2, and 3. Where we will be exhibiting with Yedharo Models at the booth H11
    Also, come to see us discover the Special Offer for those who attend the World Model Expo 2022 and connect with the SiOCAST team. 
    Please let us know your availability for a meeting at the show or book a meeting at the following link

    WME22 / Saturday 2nd / Monday 4th of July

    visit our Netherlands reseller headquarters for a live demo

    We invite you to meet you there to explain all the news about the system and offer the possibility to come with us on Saturday 2nd at 18:30 or Monday 4th to visit the SiOCAST production factory of De Tinnen Roos in the Netherlands (Heerbaan 115, 6566 EG Millingen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands). It's one hour away from the exhibition.

    During the visit, you will be able to use the machine, learn how the molds are made and what you need to have, and deal with your own SiOCAST factory.

    If you are interested to come please reply with the name and charge on the company of the people you are coming. Please plan your visit and book your demo here 

    extreme detail for demanding hobbyists

    The SiOCAST process can keep the same extreme details of the resin miniatures.
    The SiOres material has a matte finish that highlights the shadows and the sculpt relief and crispiness.

    Image made and miniature painted by Goobertown Hobbies
    Youtube: Goobertown Hobbies Instagram: @goobertown_hobbies

    why is it a great solution for miniatures painters?

    SiOres is non-toxic, Toy Safe and EN-71 compliant. Start protecting the health of your workers and hobbyists by making your miniatures with SiOCAST. Also, your product can be sold as 3+.

    discover a new way to paint your minis
    With SiOres there is no need on priming or clean the raw miniatures and the paint won't peel or crack when you manipulate, touch, or bend the mini. Painters love it.

    reduced mold lines
    Mold lines are better and sometimes invisible with SiOCAST because the hard HTV silicone molds hold their shape and structure better over time than RTV silicone.

    Amazing examples from YEDHARO models,
    #madewithsiocast then hand-painted fully of detail

    Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo modelsMiniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo models painted

    painted by: @jg_miniature_painter

    Minotaur Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo modelsMinotaur Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Yedharo models hand painted in color

    painted by: @jg_miniature_painter

    Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Creature CasterMiniature Manufacturing sculpture with Creature Caster the wolf collection

    Some of our clients already are preparing their next production with our new materials.

    New material, but keeping all the same advantages of SiOres

    • Better for assemble
    • The maximum level of detail
    • Zero waste plastic
    • Non-Toxic
    • Eco-friendly ecosystem
    • In-house production
    • Promote your local job

    New Material

    SiOres HARD

    SiOres HARD logo
    SiOres HARD is our new material specially developed for detailed miniatures, tabletop games, and wargames miniatures. Following the success of our previous material, we wanted to go further and develop a product following the main needed of the market. Now is real and we already started to deliver the SiOres HARD to our customers. With SiOres HARD clean your miniatures like never before.

    Main Features:

    • Harder and easier to clean. Cleaning is easier than ever, clean like HIPS with the same micro diamonds tools files and burr removal tools
    • No more fluffiness
    • Better surface quality
    • Extremely durable and rigid

    what does a professional painter say about SiOCAST?

    SiOCAST Plastic is Replacing Resin, Metal and PVC Minis. 

    "Game companies are making the switch to a new type of plastic. Siocast is an injection molding thermoplastic that is viable for small and medium sized companies, and it offers some serious advantages over metal, resin, and pvc. We're going to be hearing a lot about this material!"

    GooberTown Hobbies



    "We start with metal, then resin, and now SiOres. And it has given us much more speed when it comes to production, it makes it easier for us to produce small quantities, and it gives us flexibility in the size of the productions depending on our products.

    Our customers are very satisfied, the main change that our customers notice compared to resin is that SIOCAST pieces are much more resistant and flexible. That is why we are transferring all our production to SiOCAST."

    Roberto from Scale75