injection molding in silicon molds

main features

  • High level of control 

  • 5000+ Mold recipe storage

  • Color touchscreen

  • Start-up timer

  • CE an UL safety standards

  • 4.0 Ready

Injection molding with the advantages of silicon molds

After 8 years of intensive R+D, SiOCAST has developed and patented a complete production process that represents a manufacturing revolution: injection molding in silicon molds.


  • Melting and storage tank for thermoplastic resin
  • Injection system and pressure control
  • Vacuum system
  • Mold closing and fixing press
  • Pneumatic and electric control unit
  • Internet router


  • Injection capacity: up to 80 gr./cycle
  • Productivity: up to 40 cycles/h
  • Molds size: 270x210mm
  • Molds working area: 240x180mm
  • Recipe programming and mold identification

Certified Refurbished

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