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maximize efficiency and scale your In-house Injection molding system with the advantages of unlimited melted plastic supply for your SiOform1 machine.

SiOfuse1 is the ultimate solution to optimize your SiOform1 manufacturing capabilities. It enables you to achieve remarkable results by enhancing your throughput and reducing production costs. Experience the power of SiOfuse1 and unlock new levels of efficiency, quality, and sustainability in your operations.

advantages of SiOfuse1

productivity 60shots/h, up to -20% manufacturing costs

SiOfuse1 offers numerous advantages that can transform your manufacturing process:

  • Increase Throughput: Boost your production speed with faster injection molding, doubling your shot capacity from 30 shots/h to an impressive 60 shots/h.
  • Superior Parts Quality: Achieve exceptional precision and consistency in your molded parts, minimizing reject rates and ensuring high-quality output.
  • Cost Reduction: Maximize cost savings with SiOfuse1's ability to utilize more recycled material, optimizing material usage and reducing the need for outsourcing.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: Benefit from reduced maintenance costs of your SiOform1 and simplified cleaning procedures, resulting in improved operational efficiency and minimized downtime.

discover the SiOfuse1 technology

SiOfuse1 incorporates advanced technology to deliver outstanding performance:

  • Precise Extrusion: SiOfuse1 employs heat and pressure to ensure the accurate extrusion of SiOres, maximizing material utilization and minimizing waste.
  • Efficient Melting Hopper: The melting hopper acts now only as a low-volume heat reservoir and doesn't need to melt the plastic. The plastic only stays melted for a few minutes before its injection, reducing contact with air and oxidation.
  • Automatic Filling Mechanism: SiOfuse1 features an automatic hopper filler with laser height sensors that control the plastic level inside the hopper, ensuring precise and hassle-free filling of melted plastic.
  • Temperature and Speed Control: Maintain optimal temperature and speed settings with SiOfuse1's advanced regulation system, resulting in enhanced injection stability and improved part quality.
  • Efficient Plastic Loading with Vacuum Hose: SiOfuse1 offers a unique feature that simplifies the plastic loading process. With the help of a vacuum hose, the plastic material is effortlessly transported to the top of the extruder. This innovative system ensures smooth and efficient feeding of the plastic into the machine, minimizing downtime and optimizing production. Say goodbye to manual handling and enjoy the convenience of automated plastic loading with SiOfuse1's Vacuum Hose feature.

total time: 15:37 s
casting: 15
productivity: 60 casting/h

unlock the potential of SiOform1 

SiOfuse1 is the key to unlocking your SiOform1 manufacturing potential. With its cutting-edge features and game-changing advantages, SiOfuse1 empowers you to take control of your production, achieve higher throughput, and elevate the overall performance of your business

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