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SiOres it's our special thermoplastic exclusive design for work with SiOform1.

Raw material: Resin pellets are melted by the machine itself. The material is kept in a viscous state at 230°C until injection. Solidification happens inside the mold in less than 10 sec.

Our resin consumables:

amazing properties

SiOres sustainable thermoplastic


Formlabs Impact Award, Winner in sustainability by SiOCAST thermoplastic manufacturing ecosystem. 

Read the article about SiOCAST at Formlabs website: How SiOCAST is Revolutionizing the Miniatures Market With 3D Printed Masters.


environmentally friendly

SiOCAST helps lower CO2 emissions by streamlining the production process and reducing the need for long-distance shipping of molds and parts. Zero Waste material, we designed all our thermoplastics to be recycled.


…and features

SiOres D56

Exclusively Designed for SiOform1 & SiOfuse1

SiOres D56 is our lowest viscosity thermoplastic resin, designed to melt at lower temperatures than other SiOres variants. This exceptional fluidity makes it the perfect choice for crafting fine and intricate pieces an ideal material for producing large-volume components with ease.

Miniature Manufacturing sculpture with Ludus Magnusmanufacturing custom keycap with SiOCAST with Drop and Galladoria

SiOres HARD (D64)

Exclusively Designed for SiOform1 & SiOfuse1

SiOres HARD is here to take your creations to the next level. A great material for tech parts, product design, and Wargames. Designed to meet the specific demands of the market, harder and easier to clean. 


SiOres D56 CAST

Exclusively Designed for SiOform1 & SiOfuse1

This specialized plastic is designed for investment casting applications, offering remarkable flow properties and clean burn-out without residue at temperatures exceeding 600°C.

  • Flawless Precision: SiOres D56 CAST boasts a burn rate of 99.94% with minimal residue (0.06%), ensuring jewelry pieces of unparalleled quality that rival the precision of 3D printing.

  • Rapid Cooling: Unlike wax, SiOres D56 CAST cools rapidly, enabling quicker mold release and repeated injections into the same mold. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes.

  • Cost Efficiency: SiOCAST technology slashes mastering piece manufacturing costs by up to four times, making it the ultimate choice for jewelry manufacturers.

Panet de Flor – Web horizontal small – 680×509-20SiOCAST investment casting tree and silicone mold

SiOres Masterbatch pigment

Exclusively Designed for SiOform1 & SiOfuse1

Color your pieces with our SiOres Master Batch pigments, you can have a wide variety of colors for your thermoplastic resin products.  Mixing our pure base colors, you will get any combination. They are dosed in the main material at a small percentage giving the whole batch a uniform and color.

Ecommerce-SioCast_Masterbatch-ColorMiniature Manufacturing sculpture with Ludus Magnus


Compatible with most LCD and DLP resin 3D printers

Unlock cost-efficiency and time savings with our innovative 3D print master resin.

Designed to withstand the silicone rubber vulcanization process, it enables master reuse across multiple molds.

Say goodbye to repetitive printing and hello to enhanced productivity and savings.

Main Features

  • Withstands vulcanization up to 180° C
  • Low shrinkage
  • Excellent details
  • Easy to remove supports and sand
  • Dimensional accurate
  • Compatible with most LCD and DLP resin 3D printers

Expert Tips for Miniature Hobbyists

Working with SiOres HARD, with Insights from Creature Caster's Operations Officer

This innovative approach to silicone mold-making allows for faster turnaround times, more consistent results, and reduced production costs.
So why wait? Try SiOCAST's silicone molding process with 3D-printed rapid tooling today and see the difference it can make in your production process!
sample box - miniatures

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sample box - applications

only 20€ to cover WW shipping costs

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