Quick Links for Resellers

Welcome to the SiOCAST Reseller Hub, your one-stop destination for all things SiOCAST-related. This is your gateway to essential resources, marketing materials, documentation, and assets that will empower you to effectively promote and distribute our cutting-edge technology.

Here, you'll find a wealth of resources, including marketing images, our company presentation, partnership agreement details, direct access to our impactful case studies, quick links to our E-commerce platform, and information about our SiOCAST Academy for training and support.

This page is designed to make your journey as a SiOCAST reseller smooth and successful, providing you with the tools you need to thrive in our ever-evolving industry. Explore, engage, and excel with SiOCAST!

Company Presentation

A comprehensive overview of SiOCAST, including our mission, values, and the cutting-edge products and solutions we offer.

Company Presentation link to Dropbox

Market Applications

Explore the wide array of applications our products cater to across various markets, illustrating the adaptability and potential for success.

Miniatures: https://siocast.com/siocast-for-miniatures/

Tech and Engineering Parts: https://siocast.com/manufacturing-switch-trims-for-a-fly-simulator-module-with-siocast/

Overmolding: https://siocast.com/usb-manufacturing-with-siocast-overmolding/

Investment Casting: https://siocast.com/experience/investment-casting-with-silicone-molds/

Food Contact: https://siocast.com/experience/food-contact-with-siores/

Reseller Conditions 

Detailed terms and conditions that outline the expectations, benefits, and responsibilities associated with being a valued reseller partner.

Reseller Conditions link to Dropbox

Commercial Documents 

Access essential commercial documents to facilitate seamless transactions:

Proforma, Quotation, and Sales Terms and Conditions.

Commercial documents link to Dropbox

Services Information 

Learn more about the specialized services offered by SiOCAST:

readyCAST: Explore our unique readyCAST service, designed to expedite the production process by offering pre-made molds for specific applications. This service aims to reduce lead times and enhance efficiency for both resellers and end customers.

Test Mold Service: Gain insights into our comprehensive test mold services, allowing customers to evaluate the performance and quality of our solutions before committing.

Services link to Dropbox

Marketing Support Material

Logos, high-quality images of parts manufactured with our system, and a collection of images and videos showcasing our machines and manufacturing processes.

Marketing link to Dropbox

Case Studies 

Real-world examples that demonstrate the positive impact of our solutions on businesses.


SiOCAST ACADEMY is the perfect way to learn more about SiOCAST and the amazing tools and technology it offers. With classes and tutorials catered to both beginners and experts, users can easily maximize their mold-making skills and optimize their manufacturing and production. Through the Academy, users can learn more about the SiOCAST ecosystem and how to make the most of it. With our Academy, users will gain the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in the ever-evolving world of SiOCAST.