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what if we could merge the advantages of an industrial manufacturing process like injection molding and the advantages of low cost, rapid tooling, and high details of the silicone rubber molds?

This is the question many have had over the years and now is possible thanks to SiOCAST, a company from the CONIEX group.

a quest to expand silicone rubber applications

SiOCAST is a company born in 2017 as a spin-off of CONIEX Group. For the last 35 years, CONIEX has been an industrial company with two key activities:

  • Silicone rubber compounding and manufacturing for high-temperature applications, mostly for the spin casting industry. Also supplying casting equipment and foundry accessories.
  • Surface treatment of metal parts, delivering turn-key installations for mechanical post-processing equipment such as vibratory machines and shot blasting or sandblasting.

advantages of the silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is used in many fields and industries thanks to its amazing properties:

  • Non-toxic
  • inertness
  • flexibility
  • tear strength
  • stable
  • heat resistant

what does SiOCAST mean?


we named the company to the base molecular chain of silicone rubber, which is a polymer composed of Silicon bonded to Oxygen backbone chains with vinyl or methyl side groups.


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about SiOCAST

Located in the modern and eco-friendly DFACTORY, the node industry 4.0 building in Barcelona, the company produces and sells its unique manufacturing technology worldwide. With a branch in the USA, located in NJ, SiOCAST.

SiOCAST continues to push Industry 4.0 forward. We have taken a step forward with our new offices located in the modern facilities of DFactory Barcelona, which will allow us to scale our production at an industrial level and create new synergies with other organizations also present in the building.

We are supported by more than 35 years of experience in a leading company in this industry:  the CONIEX Group

the CONIEX group

Logo Coniex
Coniex S.A.

Coniex, S.A is a company with HQ based in Barcelona with more than 3 decades in the spin casting and silicone industries as well as in the surface finishing industry of mechanical post-processing.

With branch offices around the peninsula, Portugal, and Mexico and exporting to more than 55 countries worldwide, it stands as a reference in its industry.

CONIEX supplies technology, machinery, and consumables to automotive, aeronautics, or medical sectors amongst others, and is ISO certified. With deep technical knowledge in any of the fields of operation, the company values supplying end-to-end solutions for long-term and successful business relationships.

In its HQ in Barcelona, the company has its R&D and benchmarking labs, silicone manufacturing plant, and end-products warehouses.

Since the beginning of CONIEX’s history in the spin casting industry, the company has supplied centrifugal casting equipment, silicone rubber, metals, accessories, and training to its customers. With long expertise in the market’s needs, CONIEX has set up thousands of factories and helped start many successful businesses around a technology that still has many applications. The same values apply to SiOCAST.